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Industrias Merlet SA de CV

Address: Calle Circunvalacion Polg A #3 Urb Industrial Plan de la Laguna
City: Antiguo Cuscatlan
State: La Libertad
Postal Code:
Country: El Salvador
Phone: 503 2212 7500
Fax: 503 2243 1340

CMT/full package contractor specializing in short runs; able to produce men's, women's and children's knit, woven, tops and bottoms; screen print facility opened in 2000.


Robert Heimann
Sales Executive
Phone: 305 670 7577

Alfredo Frech
Director of Product Development
Phone: 503 2212 7500

Alejandro Frech
Director of Textiles
Phone: 503 2212 7501

Jay Podolsky
Director of Sales
Phone: 305 370 7577


Industrias Merlet, S.A.

Zona Industrial Plan de la Laguna Calle Circunvalacion, Bodega #3 

Antiguo Cuscatlan,  La Libertad

El Salvador



Years in Business: 30




Manufacturing Capabilities: Design at Source Verticaly Integrated Knit and Woven Apparel Manufacturer


Physical Facilities:  

Warehouse Area: 15,070 ft2  (1,400 m2)

Office Area:            8,615 ft2  (800 m2) 

Cutting area: 12,920 ft2     (1,200 m2)

Sewing Area: 37,470 ft2   (3,481 m2)

Packing Area: 6,460 ft2      (600 m2) 

Embroidery Area: 4,300 ft 2 (400 m2)

Screen Printing Area: 8,615 ft2 (800 m2)

Trim Area: 4,300 ft2 (400 m2)

 Group Firms:  



Functions Performed


Industrias Merlet

S.S., El Salvador

Cutting, Sewing, Packaging, Warehouse, & Export

International Exports

Negocios Diversificados

S.S., El Salvador

Screen Printing, Embroidery & Trim Production



Guatemala, Guatemala

Circular Knitting, Dyeing and Finishing

International Exports

Inversiones Merlet

S.S., El Salvador

Regional Sales, Warehouse and Logistics


Merlet of North America



Merlet of Nicaragua

Miami, Florida





Managua, Nicaragua

Creative Design Services and Sales Headquarters.


Wovens Assembly and Warehousing





International Exports





Production Capacity

Product Type

Capacity per Week (units)

Available Capacity

We produce a wide range of basic and fashion knit.

In addition to our vertical knit production capacity, we also produce woven tops and bottoms


Our total capacity is over 40K /Dozen/Week.

This capacity is divided between tops and bottoms, and is modular in nature.

Advantages are quick startup.

Merlet maintains open capacity to allow for new customers and products. Our capacity is dynamic in nature and allows managament, and customer great flexibility.



Mens & Boys:


Women & Girls:


- Embellishment Tops

- Shorts

- Embellishment Tops

- Camisoles w/ Built In Bras

- Boxers and Briefs

- Lounge Shorts & Pants

- Full Panties

- Sports Bras

- Crew Neck Tees (l/s & s/s)

- Flannel Pants

- Crew Neck Tees (l/s & s/s)

- Lounge Shorts & Pants

- Flat Lock Thermals

- Flannel Crew Tops

- Flat Lock Thermals


- Flannel Pants

- Tank Tops & Shooters


-Work Wear

- Tank Tops

- Flannel Crew Tops


Supply Chain Solutions


Multiple in-land, maritime and air freight choices.

2-day lead time from Central America to the US


1500 cubic meters of usable warehouse space.

Segregated and secure warehouse allocation for each client.


EDI and VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) solutions provider.

Ship to DC and Direct to Store

Inventory Control Solutions

Inventory of: Yarn                               Inventory solutions provide rapid response to market conditions.

                      Greige                           By holding inventory at various stages, clients can better plan and execute orders.

                      Dyed Goods



Knitting, Dyeing and Finishing ----- Global Fabric Sourcing Capability


      Self-owned circular, dyeing and finishing facilities.

      Source woven, warp, and other fabrications throughout the Americas and other regions.

Types of Fabric

      In-house knit production of Jersey, Ribs, Mesh, Fleece, Interlock, Waffle Thermal and many others Natural and Synthetics

      Woven fabrics are avaible for production in our Nicaraguan facility

Fabric Content

      Produce 100 % and blended fabrications, including synthetics.

      Spandex and Lycra based knits are produced in our "Lycra Assured" facility, in addition to many Woven options

Production Capacity

      200,000 lbs per week (on Tubular and Open Width goods)

Environmental Awareness

      Environmentally conscious and internationally compliant water treatment facility adheres to all current safety

      standards, and it is certified by our customers and Guatemala's Government.









Dedicated multi-width in-house cutting.

Marking Tables:                  3

Cutting Tables:                   11

Vertical Blades:                   14


               Manual                 4

               Semi-automatic    8

               Automatic             1



Total Number of Workers:   58


Cutting Table Dimensions:

Width:              72 Inches

Height:               9 Inches

Length:             40 Inches







Production Capacity 

65,000 dozen per week



Modular team sewing and modalities are applied throughout the facility, with an emphasis on team building,

throughput, and quality. Automated barcode

system tracks production and WIP throughout the process and products life cycle within the facility.


Manufacturing Details

Number of Production Plants             4

Total Number of Production Cells   125

Total Number of Workers:              920

Average # of Workers per Production Module:    7

Average # of Workers per Supervisor :             35





Machine Type




Average Age

Single Needle (lock):


Juky / DDL555-6


3 years

Double Needle:


Juky / 1152-5


3 years

Multi Needle:



Kansai / FX 1412


2 years

Coverstitch (3 needle):


Yamato / VC 2700


3 years

Overlock (3 thread):


Yamato / A28001


3 years

Overlock (4 thread):


Yamato / A28004


3 years

Overlock (5 thread):


Yamato / A28005



Keyhole, buttonhole:


Juky / LBH783


1 yr

Snap Attacher:


Available through local YKK, Universal Customer or Scovill

Flat Felled Seamer:


Yamato / 73800


3 years

Button Attacher


Juky / 723


3 years



Juky / LK1850


3 years

Picot Edge



Union Special / 63700


5 years

Production Capacity

                 65,000 dozen per week

Screen Printing


In house, modern and fully dedicated screen printing facility. Applying state of the art and cutting edgeprocesses assuring maximum adherence toinitial design requirements and parameters. Cut part printingand large seam-to-seam jumbo printing available as well.



Number of Machines:  7

Type of Machines:       MHM Fully automatic machines

Capacity:                    Five machines with 12 color capability, and maximum size of 16.5" X 25"

                                   One Jumbo Machine with 12 color capabilities and maximum of 27 X 36"

                                   One machine with 8 color capability, and maximum size of 19.5" X 25"


Production Capacity

Total Number of Workers: 50

Production Capacity:         25,000 dz per week


Elastics & Trims


 Description: In house elastic production and trims capability.



 Number of Machines: 4

 Type of Machines:      COMEZ, 609B8 & 609B3

 Capacity:                   3/8" - 1-1/2" width


 Production Capacity:

 Total Number of Workers: 5

 Production Capacity:         115,000 - 125,000 yards per week



 Description: In house production of care labels, using approved materials and designs.



 Number of Machines: 1

 Type of Machines:      Capacity: 1/2" - 2" width with variable length


 Production Capacity:

 Total Number of Workers: 1

 Production Capacity:          25,000 to 35,000 dozens per week



Customer Certified:

Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Puma, Benetton, Kohls,

Wal-Mart, Levi's, Academy, Target, Kmart, Mervyns, GAP, Sara Lee, JCP, Sears and  Others



WRAP: All of our sewing facilities are WRAP certified